1. Rules of purchase

By purchasing any product from the site you agree to the General Terms and Conditions, including the Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

The prices of all products on the website are expressed in denars including VAT. Every buyer who wants to place an order and start the buying process should be registered. The desired products are added to the cart, and at the end the order is confirmed. After completing the order, the buyer receives a confirmation of the order made by e-mail, stated during his registration on the site. The delivery of the products is done by express mail / cargo and is free throughout the Republic of Northern Macedonia for a total amount of orders greater than 990 denars (from 991 denars). Otherwise, if the total amount of the order is up to 990 denars, the delivery is charged from 150 to 210 denars depending on the weight of the shipment. Certain products are not subject to free delivery even if the total amount of the order is greater than 990 denars. For those products for which free delivery does not apply, the same is stated in their description. In case one of the products is not in stock, the buyer will be contacted via the submitted e-mail address or the delivered telephone number.

  1. Delivery rules

Delivery of the product / products is made to the specified delivery address by the buyer within 72 hours. All products are delivered within the specified time and conditions chosen by the buyer when ordering / purchasing. The products are delivered with a guarantee (if there is one for it), delivery note and invoice for the payment made. Every buyer is obliged to check the product during delivery for possible damages, transport errors, and if the shipment consists of several products to check if a product is missing.

If the delivery service fails to find the buyer at the specified shipping address, it will leave a written notice and attempt to establish contact, using the information provided by the buyer.

  1. Rules of return

If the product is delivered damaged and / or a certain product is missing and / or the product delivered to it is not in accordance with the order made by the buyer, the buyer should inform us immediately (no later than 24 hours from the receipt of the shipment), phone number 075 452 295 or e-mail address: so that an appropriate replacement can be made. The products are replaced only under the conditions prescribed in the Law on Consumer Protection, in a manner defined by the rulebook for consumer complaints for goods purchased through an online store, which together with the completed request should be sent to the address, within 15 days from the day of purchase. The product that the buyer returns is returned to the address given by the operator of by express mail or by personal delivery to the address given by the operator of at the expense of the buyer.

In case the buyer wants to return the product then it is done in accordance with the prescribed laws, with a request to return the product to the e-mail address:  , within 15 days from the date of purchase. The product returned by the buyer is returned to the address given by the operator of by express mail or by personal delivery to the address given by the operator of at the expense of the buyer. Refunds are made upon receipt of the returned product. If the product is paid in cash then the funds will be refunded in cash. In case the product is paid with a payment card, the funds will be refunded by reversing the transaction in the parent bank, a standard procedure that takes time to complete.

Products that are replaced / returned should:

  • not to be used and together with the packaging to be in the same condition as purchased.
  • the packaging must not be damaged in any way and it must have factory seals and labels.
  • the client to submit the fiscal invoice and the accompanying documentation.