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• Registration procedure
In the upper right corner of the website there is a button marked Login / Register. Clicking this button opens a new page (given below in the picture) My account in which you have the option to register (from the left – it needs to be corrected on the site now it is logged in, and also the whole layout needs to be corrected on this page) by entering an e-mail, Username and password.
• After entering the required data, click on the REGISTER button, after which you will receive a message for successful registration.
You have successfully registered on the site . For verification, please click on the link sent to your e-mail address. Then fill in the required information in the Login section. Thank you for your trust.

• You will receive the confirmation for successful registration on the website of at the specified e-mail address through which it is necessary to verify your profile, through the link.

• After clicking on the link from your e-mail address, the website of opens automatically and takes you to the same window My Account, where now on the right side in the section Login you have to log in with your username and password.