We at BUSY mobile galantery

Strive to develop high-quality mobile accessories with an incredible price-performance ratio.


Our wide range of products enables us to meet nearly any demand a smartphone enthusiast could have Operating from our company headquarter in Macedonia, Skopje, we are working with few carefully selected distribution partners and factories in order to provide our customers with the best service possible.

An Assortment for all device

Contrary to many of our competitors,

We do not only offer accessories for flagship models of a few popular brands but also for more uncommon and exotic ones. Many of our products pursue a universal approach and therefore can be used with almost any device.

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We are mindful of the retailer and the end costumer

When it comes to our concept for the point of sale. On one hand we keep our product packings slim and compact, since we know that the sales area is a valuable and scarce resource in a store.

Simultaneously, we aspire to make our products self-explanatory by giving as much information as possible directly on our packings.

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